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      Advanced design and analysis tools


        Currently we have developed CMD5.0, Dyrobes 14.0, SDHBCALVl.0,SUNDTJPVI.0 and other advanced bearing performance and dynamic analysis software. Besides, through years of verification and modification, we are able to carry out accurate analysis and simulation on the lubricant film, temperature, pressure distribution, power dissipation, flow and other basic performance indexes of bearing. In the meanwhile, special computer software on seal leakage, carrying capacity of bearing impact load, and static jacking system has been developed to raise the design and development ability of the auxiliary system of bearing. 
        Additionally, our company has adopted commercial software, such as SOUDWORKS, ANSYS, FLUENT, CAD and CAE to carry out 3D modeling in the assembly and test process of the bearing system, the analysis of the static and dynamic characteristics of bearing structure and the simulation on the flow field of bearing film.