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The ability to upgrade the service - lifting project's first successful implementation of rolling machine maintenance


         In October 30th, Hunan Chongde industrial transmission services limited technical service department for the first time in the technology and products of the combination of the service project to start construction. This project has been found from the initial single bearing failure and root cause analysis of bearing failure, to collect the application calculation of bearing life, to the design and construction plan review and initial construction, and has experienced nearly half the time. The service object for the lifting rolling table Fiat Chrysler welding workshop, bearing requirements of the device before, during and after the three drive shaft of the overall replacement, the project total 57 sets of 171 axes hobbing machine maintenance.
         This project is the first time our company provides technical maintenance and repair service in the automobile production workshop. Relatively strange maintenance environment for our engineers and technicians have some challenges. Therefore, in the beginning of the work, we organize the team members in the course of the work may be difficult to focus on the discussion, combined with our usual work experience, developed a detailed operational processes and solutions.
         After a lot of preparatory work, construction process becomes simple, dismantle coupling, synchronous belt and other related structural components, installation, replacement of bearings, coupling synchronous belt and related components are successfully completed. In the process of disassembly and assembly, we are not only concerned about the need to replace the bearing, the service process found that the equipment left behind problems or defects in a timely manner to communicate with the owners, to help owners to maintain or repair. In the end of the trial run, the owner's engineers are very satisfied with our work, we are a professional service team.
         We believe that through the smooth implementation of this service, our technical service team will go further, waiting for us to display the force of the broader space, but also to bring new economic growth point.


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