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Artisan spirit "achievement" the most beautiful Zonta craftsman"


        A job, a responsibility; a hard, a harvest; a performance, a move. In October this year, in the Xiangtan hi tech Zone to carry out the spirit of heritage craftsmen, looking for the most beautiful craftsmen in the selection activities, Li Lu and Lin Bo two employees were named the most beautiful craftsmen Xiangtan high-tech zone".
        Li Lu and Lin Bo two employees into the company has been engaged in CNC processing has been nearly nine years. They stick to their posts, hard working, hard sweat in the fruits of labor. They will be learning as a kind of pursuit, in the ordinary post assiduously, overcome difficulties, to become the enterprise technical innovation leader. They silently pay, do not ask for return, burning their dedication to the enterprise. Li Lu and Lin Lang as the pioneer team, has won Xiangtan City, high tech Zone skills competition awards on them, "the most beautiful condensation precipitation craftsman artisan spirit beauty.
        No matter how science and technology development, how advanced technology, the pursuit of the ultimate, excelsior spirit of craftsman never outdated. It is a long-term survival of the spiritual pillar.
        Li Lu and Lin Bo was named "Xiangtan high tech Zone, the most beautiful craftsman", both their honor, but also the pride of the enterprise. They get the honor, highlighting the labor is the most beautiful, but also worthy of respect for the whole society, reflecting the value of the individual. Zonta is a big stage, as long as you work hard enough, some can dance wonderful life.
Zonta need need more artisan spirit craftsmen, artisans spirit embodied in their own occupation, and to finish the job, firm and indomitable strict in demands the lofty pursuit of excellence and perfection. From the enterprise, is the establishment of the brand and the core value of the building.
        Need to use the spiritual achievement of countless artisans Zonta Zonta craftsman, to create a beautiful Zonta with Zonta craftsman.


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