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Oil bearing assembly engineering prototype appraisal outline


        In December 1st, the Hualong No. 1 nuclear main pump oil bearing assembly engineering prototype identification test outline will be held in our office building 205 conference room.
        The meeting was commissioned by the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Research Institute Co. Ltd., hosted by our company, the main issue is the prototype test oil bearing assembly engineering program review by China Guangdong Research Institute Limited the drafting of the test outline is one of the most important content of the factory in Hualong, a nuclear main pump bearing prototype, directly related to the judge the performance of the engineering prototype.
        The same day, the guests attending the meeting are: nuclear power / bearing industry experts: Qiu Damou, Chen Jie, Su Xianshun, Wang Yang, quiet, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Research Institute and the China Guangdong Nuclear Power
Engineering Company 8 experts, Shenyang blower Limited by Share Ltd 2 experts, a total of 15. Under the guidance of the company's leadership, the guests and his party visited the division of our workshop and oil bearing components of the components, Qi Qi praised the company's modern production equipment and advanced processing level.
        9:30 morning, experts and guests for a 205 seat conference room, formal discussion and review test outline; intense and orderly atmosphere, we are eager to speak, to express their views, after 2 hours of talks, the assessment team leader Professor Qiu Damou organized all the experts together, drafting and signing issued a final conclusion from the review. Conclusion, the basic outline of the test correctly
        expressed the test content, only in some places need to change again, re published.
The successful completion of the review of the test outline, but also indicates that the main oil pump oil lubrication bearing test officially opened, from the prototype of the smooth development and delivery of the customer has taken a solid step forward.

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