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        In November 29th, a huge Volvo far to our office is coming, originally from Shanghai afar SKF solutions to express! This group of people to our parking lot to stop, fully occupied 6 parking spaces! The handsome "Iron Man" attracted everyone's curiosity and exploration of the eyes. But don't worry, the best is yet to come, tomorrow we go to his "hinterland" to find out.
        In November 30th, as dealers -- SKF bearing senior US Zonta company organized the Xiangtan Datang Power Plant, Zhuzhou Liancheng group, Zhongche electromechanical technology engineers in the global solutions and express SKF experts face-to-face. SKF experts from the service capacity of several aspects of the analysis and comparison, recommend to the customer a better installation, testing solutions, in order to work more efficiently. The end of the talks, engineers are reluctant to leave the scene, consult the discussion and the effect of using method of all kinds of tools, analysis of cost and capacity, will not the same idea back to the company, through the use of advanced methods and tools, to save costs and enhance the capacity to.
        We Zonta engineers also enthusiastic participation, and customers to share SKF industrial solutions.
        In December 5th, we express to the people with Zonta Yueyang Huaneng Power Plant, to the customer site training solutions. Huaneng Power Plant dozens of professional engineers who boarded our early express, listen to the interpretation of SKF experts, to bring them a different user experience.
        This car service express arrival, more to show our customers SKF and Zonta full service ability and service hardware. Intuitive to tell customers that we have the equipment, the ability to have more confidence to provide customers with a more      intimate quality and efficient service. SKF century enterprise: knowledge engineering, changing the world!
        We would be your side Zonta solutions experts to solve all your problems, drive!

SKF global solutions Express

Xiangtan share SKF industrial solutions site

Yueyang Huaneng Power Plant to share SKF industrial solutions site

Zonta people in SKF global solutions express photo

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