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SUND won the "Hunan province science and technology postdoctoral research station" title


        Hunan provincial human resources and Social Security Bureau recently issued a document (Hunan agency letter [2016]355) approved by the province's 5 units set up post doctoral research station, screening of strict examination, Hunan Chongde Industry Technology Co. after half a year, in the province's high-tech enterprises stand out, approved the establishment of "post doctoral research station". The approval, not only for the development of scientific and technological innovation of enterprises has been a major driving force, but also a new milestone in the development of scientific research personnel training.

        The successful applications, from the establishment of "Chongde have postdoctoral" strength. Zonta as a national high-tech enterprises, the focus of national Torch Plan high-tech enterprises, have the advantage in the project, personnel, platforms and funds and other parties. In the project, the company adhere to independent innovation, research path, innovation and development of a people-oriented, talent introduction and cultivation of talents by the way of combining with science and technology research and development staff of more than 50 people, the formation of a high academic level and practical experience with rich scientific research team. At present, the company has established long-term close partnership with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Hunan University, Xiangtan University, University and other research institutions, many colleges and universities, to a certain extent to protect the postdoctoral talent source.

        In the platform, and Zonta has formed a "Hunan provincial enterprise technology center", "Hunan provincial engineering technology center" enterprise development platform, with strong strength in research and development, testing, testing and production, and make a sound research and development projects, incentives and intellectual property rights management system, create operation a good environment for the postdoctoral workstation.

        Secondly, the successful applications, is also based on the urgent need for the establishment of "postdoctoral" zonta. With the rapid development of the company, Zonta has been thinking about how to introduce more high level talents, enhance their own R & D strength and level, to solve the lack of domestic high-end technical personnel to the plight of the industry, to better meet the business needs of the development of research and innovation project.

        Now, with the company postdoctoral workstation successfully approved in the East, Zonta will be further combined with the R & D projects, actively recruit outstanding doctoral graduates, young college teachers, carry out postdoctoral work station, the implementation of talent strategy, continue to promote enterprise technological innovation, to provide strong intellectual support for the construction of innovative enterprises.

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