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  • 产品名称: Tilting Pad Journal Bearingss-KQJ&KQF Series

        The KQJ&KQF tilting-pad journal bearing as developed by SUND has come into wide use in turbine, compressor, gear box, and other high-speed rotating machines. The KQJ series adopts the five-tile structure and the KQF series adopts the four-tile structure which is applicable to rotors whose diameter is from 30 to 700mm. The tilting pad journal bearing is manufactured at professional production and in  constant-temperature workshop that uses high-precision special work fixture. Besides, it is tested by three-coordinate measuring equipment to effectively ensure accurate dimension and accurate form and location tolerance for the product, to bring about the free exchange of tilting pad and bearing body of the same specification and to ensure stable, reliable dynamic property for the product.

        SUND can provide customized tilting pad journal bearing to meet special requirements, such as static jacking, axial self-alignment, different mode of sealing, electrical insulation, axial thrust supporting and other requirements.  

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