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  • 产品名称: Non-Equalizing Tilting Pad Thrust Bearingss-CK Series

        According to different needs of customers, we have developed more than three series of tilting-pad thrust bearing, such as type CK, CE and CA which have multiple features such as direct spray lubrication or immersion lubrication, segment point bearing or line bearing, tile center bearing or offset mounting, bearing bush capable of choosing Cu-Cr back-up material and lead-free Sn matrix Babbitt alloy, and static jacking system. All our bearings have been optimized in performance so as to meet the multiple unique requirements of rotating equipment.  

        Our CE compact self-balanced tilting-pad thrust bearing and the CK non-self-balanced tilting-pad thrust bearing are similar in dimension and can provide equipment manufacturers with unprecedented optionality and feasibility. Our CA self-balanced tilting-pad thrust bearing can be exchanged with the self-balanced tilting-pad thrust bearing which is popular in North America and is especially suitable for customers who are accustomed to the American self-balanced tilting-pad thrust bearing. 

        According to users’ needs, we also offer customized plan, such as offering integrated bearing system equipped with bearing housing, helping users to work out optimized design scheme for reducing power loss, oil supply and shaft bushing temperature and addressing frequently asked questions on abnormal axial vibration in the industry and so on.  

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