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        Vertical sliding bearings are mainly applicable to vertically-installed electrical machine, turbine motor, pump, air blower and other rotary machines and are applied to bearing the axial thrust of the main engine and radial loading. Up to now, our company has developed standard vertical sliding bearings of such series as SM, SMD, SMZ and SP for users’ selection.    

        Our SM vertical sliding thrust bearing ranges from No. 05 to No. 22 standard series and is mainly made up of thrust block, guide bearing block, guide shoe component and thrust tile components. It can bear a downward thrust load from 23 to 1900KN and is applicable to medium and high-speed mechanical equipment with shaft diameter from 110 to 560mm. If needed,we may also provide users with SMD vertical sliding bearing without axial thrust loading. For standard SM vertical bearing, our company usually does not provide bearing oil tank. Special requirement shall be made in the order if needed by customers. 

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