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  • 产品名称: Horizontal sliding bearings

        The type C horizontal sliding bearings have come into wide use in various large, medium horizontal electrical machines, draught fans, water turbines, pumps and other rotary machines. According to its different modes of installation on the mainframe, the product is divided into pedestal bearing and end bracket bearing. The pedestal bearing is installed onto the baseplate of the mainframe; the end bracket bearing is installed on the end cover of mainframe.  

        According to if fins have been installed on the external surface of the bearing pedestal, pedestal bearing is divided into CG series and CR series. The CG series adopts the radiating fin-free structure; the CR series adopts the structure with radiating fin. Both series have been designed in accordance with the DIN31690 standard (equivalent to ISO11687-1).  

        According to different structural styles, end bracket bearing is divided into CF series and CM series. The CF series adopts the biased flange (also known as type DQA), and the products have been designed as per the DIN31693 standard (equivalent to ISO11687-2). CM series adopts the centered flange (also known as type DQB). The products have been designed in accordance with the DIN31694 standard (equivalent to ISO11687-3).  

        The bearing pedestal and the bearing bush adopt double spherical surface and is capable of self-aligning. This type of bearing is compact in structure and shows high reliability, low vibration noise, easy use and maintenance and other advantages. 

        The standard model of type C sliding bearing has six specifications, namely 09, 11, 14, 18, 22, and 28. The applicable rotor size ranges from 80 to 355mm. We also supply bearings of other specifications such as 35, 45 and 56 which are applicable to larger rotor size. If related materials are needed, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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