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Hunan SUND Technological Corporation was founded in 2003, and now it is located in XiangtanNational High-tech Zone in Hunan Province of China. SUND generally refers to the combination of Hunan SUND Technological Corporation and Hunan SUND Industrial Transmission Services Co., Ltd.
Hunan SUND Technological Corporation has been focusing on slide bearing R&D and manufacturing, also being engaged in products and service supplying concerning transmission, lubrication, sealing and heat exchange. It is a leading bearing supplier of bearing products and integral solutions for transmission system. The fluid film bearings, water lubricated bearings, active magnetic bearings and foil bearings developed by SUND are widely used in thermal power generation, nuclear power generation, hydropower generation, petrochemical industry, marine equipment, sewage treatment and steel rolling, etc.
Hunan SUND Technological Corporation is a leading high-end industrial service enterprise providing products, services and applications concerning industrial transmission in China, and also the largest authorized distributer and the only technical maintenance partner of SKF in Hunan Province.
SUND has a land occupation of 122 acres, which includes a 4,000 m2 R&D Center and 30,000 m2 modern workshops. There are more than 300 employees including 50 R&D engineers. The Company is certified by ISO9001", OHSAS 18001" and ISO 14001". It is a qualified supplier of China National Nuclear Corporation and also awarded as High-Tech Enterprise of Hunan Province. The Company has also established EnterpriseTechnology Center of Hunan Province ", Provincial Engineering Center" and Postdoctoral Workstation" and undertaken more than 20 key projects of national and provincial science and technology projects. The Company has acquired more than 120 patents and participated in 7 national standards concerning slide bearings.

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Address: No. 9 Chayuan Road, National High-tech Zone, Yuetang District, Xiangtan City,Hunan Province, P.R. of China


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